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Corinne Cliford

Corinne Cliford

CorinneClifordIRT@gmail.com | (917) 287-1314 | Based in Washington D.C.

Corinne Cliford is a highly accomplished and versatile freelance journalist based in Washington D.C. With a passion for reporting and a dedication to delivering impactful news content, Corinne has made significant contributions to the media industry. She has served in a variety of roles and responsibilities, showcasing her exceptional skills and commitment to producing engaging and informative news stories. As a co-host and producer, Corinne conducts interviews with individuals on the frontline, creating 3-10 minute live or pre-recorded news content from one location at a time for multiple news shows. She utilizes her extensive network of contacts including media personalities from news networks throughout the USA to book and arrange guest interviews with elected officials, civil society leaders, controversial doctors, and other influential figures. Additionally, Corinne excels in writing press releases, biographies, and managing public relations and social media profiles..

Corinne's dedication to authentic journalism is evident in her work on Telegram as a Content Creator, where she makes short non-fiction documentaries that shed light on controversial news issues. She has pioneered the field of video journalism known as Active IRT (In Real Time), focusing on capturing real events as they unfold live and without any editing. Her innovative approach has garnered international attention, and she previously created a Youtube channel with over 1 million subscribers. However, her.

Youtube account was banned and lost due to medical misinformation charges regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. With a strong commitment to on-the-ground reporting, Corinne regularly attends hearings, meetings, sessions, and press conferences in Washington D.C., from Congress, the White House, Federal Court, the FBI, to the State Department. She fearlessly and impartially investigates a wide variety of issues, specializing in election corruption, chemical pollution in East Palestine, the trucker protest movement, everything J6, COVID closures, the Cashless Society, Congress/Senate/White House, the abortion issue at the Supreme Court, ANTIFA, and more. Corinne provides insightful coverage and sheds light on timely and important issues of national interest..

Corinne's contributions to the media industry extend to her work as a journalist at AMP News, Stop Hate, the Gateway Pundit, Richard Citizen Journalist, and Storyful. She has covered a wide range of topics, including Supreme Court protests, election corruption, the Rage Against the War Machine, and all issues of Congress. Her expertise in analyzing news footage and writing news summaries for various platforms has made her an invaluable asset to these organizations..

Prior to her freelance career, Corinne gained considerable experience as a Content Creator on YouTube, where she had amassed a dedicated following of 1 million subscribers. She produced her own news entertainment show, traveling across America to create compelling content. Despite being censored due to controversial reporting on the Americans’ role in gain-of-function research, the origins of Covid-19, and controversies related to vaccines & mask mandates, Corinne's creative ideas and engaging content garnered millions of views and international engagement..

Corinne holds a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and History from the University of Southern California (USC). She possesses a strong interest in politics as an Associate Member of the Washington D.C. Young Republican Club. Additionally, Corinne has continued to hone her skills in public speaking, Final Cut Pro, videography, photography, newsgathering, and communication, making her a well-rounded and proficient media professional.

Work Samples

  • 1. East Palestine, Ohio
  • 2. The Gateway Pundit
  • 3. Telegram
  • 4. Instagram
  • 5. Storyful

References/more work samples are available upon your request.

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